Privacy Policy

BoxMOve City has its own privacy policy regarding the information of our customers. Our Customers information are safe and secure with us and we don’t share the INFORMATION of our CUSTOMERS to any person whether it’s been an unknown or known person to us.   PERSONAL DETAILS   The details provided to BOXMOVE CITY during the relocation purpose are only used for the shifting services and the details are SECURE in our customer DATABASE.   SECURE BROWSING Our websites are well secured and protected from any hackers or third party who wants to get the details of our customer. Our website BOXMOVE CITY uses SSL certificate to provide such protection regarding any hacker for leaking the information therefore, our CUSTOMER should be tension free regarding this issues.   Links to other sites Our website does contain links to other sites but the link given to those sites are secure so our customers need not to worry about it. Terms & Conditions      
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